Sam Fuchs


Volunteer Work

Student Conservation Association

Building trails in Denali National Park, 216 hours

Appalachian Mountain Club

Building & maintaining trails in White Mountain National Forest, 40 hours

Race For Chase

Transforming kids into young triathletes


Honors and Distinctions



Team 236

A Hall of Fame FIRST Robotics Team

Team 236, the Techno-Ticks, is a FIRST Robotics team from Old Lyme, CT. It accomodates students from both Lyme-Old Lyme and East Lyme high schools to provide them with the opportunity to explore their interests through exciting mentor-led programs focused on the production of competitive, high quality FRC robots.

From 2016 through 2018, I have been the lead programmer for team 236, writing nearly all of our robot code. Through robotics, I've learned a lot, not only about programming, but more importantly about working within a team and communicating with other people who didn't understand my work.

In 2009, after 7 consecutive years of regional Chairman's award wins, the Techno-Ticks were awarded the National Chairman's award at the National Championships. As a result, team 236 entered the Hall of Fame. Ever since, our membership in the Hall of Fame has a been a defining feature in the team's culture. Students are expected to be models of Gracious Professionalism and the tenets of the FIRST philosophy by helping other teams and maintaining high standards of sportsmanship.


LOLHS Crew 2015-2018